Camila Celin, Stephen Cellucci – Ragas Live Festival # 10 (Podcast 33)

Camila Celin (sarod), Stephen Cellucci (tabla)

3-4 pm during our 24 hour Ragas Live Festival.

Sketched by Rachel Meirs.

Below is what the press has said about Camila Celin‘s beautiful guitar work.  This afternoon the New York City was  treated to her performance on the Sarod.

“Grammy nominated Guitarist Camila Celin strumms elegant classical tempos, occasionally sustaining violent bursts of flamenco with inhuman endurance, all while gracefully poised in her chair” ……The West County News ……“…her playing is profound unique, commanding, luminary. She plays a nylon string, flamenco, all these different techniques, modal scales… She is a well trained classical guitarist who also has the ability to improvise… Striking young female…” ……Gayle Olson- Director of Hilltown music ……“… I was especially amazed at the guitar playing of Camila. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the way her fingers were moving on that guitar like cutting hot butter.” ……Roy Knowles- Director of Recovery of Spirit

Stephen Cellucci has studied tabla under the guidance of Pdt. Samir Chatterjee since 2000. He was initiated as a disciple of his Guruji in 2005 and has shared the stage with him several times since. He performed at the well-known Chhandayan All Night Concert of Indian Music in New York City in 2004 and 2009. He also has extensive experience playing with kirtans and accompanying dance — both traditional Indian kathak and western modern forms.

Stephen’s background in western classical music and piano complement his ongoing, rigorous study of Indian music. His scope of musical influences gives him the versatility to adapt the tabla to most any musical need. He resides, teaches, and plays in New York City

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