Roopa in 6 Yards

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The great young Carnatic vocalist Roopa Mahadevan, comes to WKCR to share a sneak preview of her upcoming album, Roopa in 6 Yards. As spontaneous and joyful as the singer herself, the album is refreshing and uncompromising exploration of a wide range of compositions from the Carnatic cannon.  With this recording Roopa is bound to expand the audience for this traditional music. 

Unstruck Sound – Ragas Live 2019 4AM #306

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While we begin to sift through the gold mine of multi-track recordings from 24 hour Ragas Live 2019, we have one set that we happened to mix live on stage and are able to deliver right now. Unstruck Sound are an ambient group that explore the concept of the drone.  Set and Setting: 4am (about 9 hours into the fest.) Neel Murgai is Overtone vocals, Eric Fraser is on bansuri, Aaron Shregge is on Shakuhachi and Dragon Mouth Trumpet and David Ellenbogen is on lap steel guitar and electronics. 23 more hours are on their way!

Unstruck at Ragas Live Festival (2018)

Soles of Duende – 305

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A great discussion, originally broadcast live on WKCR, with Soles of Duende: Amanda Castro, Arielle Rosales and Brindha Guha.   They’ll be preforming with Frank Malloy IV & Roshni Samlal at the Ragas Live Festival at 11pm.  

Birthed in East Harlem, the women of Soles arrived with a single, transparent question: how do they find truth, connection, and storytelling through the rhythms of their respective cultures? Based in the rhythms of Tap (Amanda Castro), Flamenco (Arielle Rosales) and Kathak (Brinda Guha), their mission created the fire that is Soles of Duende. They devote their work together to yield nothing but joy and music, and to bring clarity to how they connect given their beautiful differences.