Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures, Live Performance and Interview- Podcast 4

Live performance and interview from Adam Rudolph.

Adam Rudolph is a master percussionist,  pioneer of world music, and creative music visionary.  He came to the radio station to celebrate the release of his new album Both/And by his group Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures with the Organic Orchestra Strings.  He also was kind enough to share an exclusive perfomance recorded live by Moving Pictures at the Painted Bride in 2010.

The line-up for the live performance featured here, and the new album is:

Adam Rudolph – handrumset (kongos, djembe, tarija, zabumba) thumb piano, bata (itotele), mouth bow, percussion

Ralph M. Jones – hulusi, bass clarinet, alto and c germanic flutes, soprano and tenor saxophones, bamboo trumpet, bamboo flutes

Joseph Bowie – trombone, organic/electronics, vocal, harmonica, congas, bamboo trumpet, percussion

Graham Haynes – cornet, flugelhorn, bamboo trumpet, percussion

Brahim Fribgane – oud, cajon, bendir, tarija, percussion

Kenny Wessel – electric and acoustic guitars, banjo

Jerome Harris – acoustic bass guitar, slide guitar, vocal

Matt Kilmer – frame drums, kanjira, bata (okonkolo), percussion

Many thanks to Adam for sharing this amazing performance with us!

Srinivas Reddy and Sameer Gupta – Live! – Podcast 3

This podcast is a beautiful live performance by Srinivas Reddy and Sameer Gupta when they came to the studio to celebrate the release of their album Hemant and Jog in December of ’08.

Sameer, who is great tabla player and jazz drummer, has recently released an amazing album on Motema called Namaskar. The lineup includes jazz musicians like pianist Mark Cary, who co-produced the album, and maestros of Indian Raga such as Pt. Anindo Chatterjee and Pt. Ramesh Mishra.

Srini has been busy since then as well. He just published a book called The Giver of the Worn Garland: Krishnadevaraya’s Amuktamalyada The work is a literary translation of a famous Telugu epic that poetically describes the devotional love of the ninth century South Indian mystic Antal.

These are some heavy cats!

Wasifuddin Dagar – Podcast 2

Wasifuddin Dagar comes from the most famous lineage of singers of an ancient style of Indian raga called Druhpad. He is part of an unbroken chain of generations of musicians in his family that has lasted over 400 years. He started his training with his father at 5 years old.
In this musical interview, he both speaks of the philosophy behind this ancient style and sings to exemplify the elements behind this deep, emotional and spiritual style.