Hawaiian Guitar Virtuoso Jeff Peterson

Jahkey B., a musician and producer, has dedicated over a decade of his life to recording the music of Shamans of the Amazon.  He came to WKCR recently with many of these recordings, some which have never been officially released.  We’ll hear music from Don Solon Tello, Don Guillermo Ojanama and Jose Campos (aka Don Evangelino Murayay) curanderos of a lineage of traditional healing that spans hundreds of years. You can learn more about Jahkey and the albums at http://mamancuna.com/sounds/

Later in part 2 of this podcast – we’ll be joined by 2 musicians who perform live on the same show, Grammy Award winner Jeff Peterson of Hawaii and violinist Frederika Krier.  Jeff and Jahkey will talk about the relationship between the roots music of Hawaii and the Amazonian sounds – there’s quite a connection.

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