Karavika: Amali Preemawardana, Trina Basu, Perry Wortman, Sameer Gupta – Ragas Live Festival # 17 (Podcast 40)

Amali Preemawardana (Cello),  Trina Basu (Violin),   Perry Wortman (Bass), Sameer Gupta (Tabla). Ragas Live Festival # 17

1-2pm during our 24 hour Ragas Live Festival

Karavika draws from the rich classical & folk traditions of India, Europe and North America. Their debut album, Sunrise, features original music inspired by the rhythmic complexities of Indian Classical music as well as collaborative arrangements inspired by old film and folk music from South Asia.

“a diversely melodic, often hypnotic original sound that occasionally reaches toward Appalachian rusticity or a brisk Celtic mood… Whether quiet and reflective or joyously energetic, the melodies are as bright as the musicians’ tone: this is music for celebrating or getting lost in” – Lucid Culture

Published by David Ellenbogen

I am a musician, producer, educator and NYC radio host.