We get to hang with the great vocalist Ganavya and hear some selections from her highly anticipated debut album.


Vocalist and composer Ganavya Doraiswamy has carved a niche for herself at the nexus of South Indian vocal styles and jazz/contemporary music. She has been featured on various projects, most notably Alfredo Rodriguez’s Tocororo (co-produced by Quincy Jones), which hit #1 on jazz charts. Ganavya’s own debut album, Aikyam: Onnu, is set to release in March 2017. It features jazz standards translated into her native language of Tamil as well as recontextualized abhang-s (spiritual poetry written by 13th- to 15th-century Maharashtrian saints). Aikyam –a term used in Sanskrit and Tamil, to denote ‘sameness,’ is suggestive of a harmonious union, and represents a conscious merging of her different worlds.

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Published by David Ellenbogen

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