Eric Fraser, Naren Budhakar – Ragas Live Festival # 18 (Podcast 41)

Eric Fraser (Bansuri Flute),  Naren Budhakar (Tabla). Ragas Live Festival # 18

9-10 am during our 24 hour Ragas Live Festival performing  Raga Nat Bhairav


Eric Fraser (bansuri flute) is an exponent of a unique “vocal” style of North-Indian flute playing.  A disciple of Pandit Gopal Roy, Eric’s flute playing tells the story of his “gharana” (lineage).  With it’s depth, strong distinct tone and vilumvit laya (slow tempo), this rare approach to bansuri flute invites listeners into serene contemplation and rich aesthetic landscapes.  Eric is a 2010 Fulbright senior research scholar for Indian music, and has enchanted audiences with the sound of his flute in India and the USA.

Published by David Ellenbogen

I am a musician, producer, educator and NYC radio host.