If you appreciate the efforts of NYC Radio Live, here are some goodies in exchange for your support.  

The latest offering is a 24 Track, 15 hour, lovingly remastered Ragas Live Retrospective.  100% of the proceeds go towards the festival, you can get it off Bandcamp above.


Music is the Magic Cover  

Music is the Magic of a Secret World, is an ebook of some of my favorite interviews from the early years of the podcast.  Click here or on the image to get to the download page.  You can download free, but if you choose to donate those proceeds will help keep the NYC podcast going.   

Finally you may enjoy the Fischenbogen EP recorded with Heather Fisch.  I think the music is as charming as Heather, and she’s very charming.  If you would like to donate additional funds, you can purchase any of the bandcamp albums at any price you choose.

Many Thanks!