Dinesh Mirchandani, vocal; Aditya Narayan Banerjee, tabla; and Kashyap Desai harmonium Ragas Live Festival 2013 #4 (Podcast 62)

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Dinesh Mirchandani performed rag Malkauns and Basant on the fourth performance of the 24 hour Ragas Live Festival.

Dinesh Mirchandani comes from a family of gifted singers. He started singing at the age of 6, performing stage and private music shows. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Dinesh has won several national music awards in India.

His first TV performance in Bombay was at the age of 15, when he sang traditional Indian folk music. Since then, he has performed several times on Bombay Doordarshan and National Network Television in India. He has performed on stage with great playback singers like Mahendra Kapoor, Sudha Malhotra and Rajkumari.

Dinesh acquired his initial training in Hindustani Classical music from Pt. Govindprasad Jaipurwale in Bombay. With Panditji, he trained in ragas and taals and vocal enhancements. Next, under the guidance of Shri C. Laxmichand, Dinesh learned traditional folk Sufi kalams, Sindhi Ladas, Ghazals and Bhajans. He currently learns Hindustani Classical music under the guidance of his Guru, Smt. Tripti Mukherjee, who is a disciple of Pt. Jasraj.