Snehashish Mozumdar at Ragas Live 2016 – Podcast 244


The 9pm-10 Set Live at Pioneer Works with Snehashish Mozumdar (mandolin), Shiva Ghoshal (tabla) from the 24 Hour Ragas Live Festival.

Snehashish is an explosive, dynamic performer who is pushing the boundaries of his instrument.  He has played on several Ragas Live Festivals in the past.

This year’s festival is October 21st 2017 at the Rubin Museum of Art.   Tickets here



Brooklyn Raga Massive Summer Jam 1 – Podcast 144


itunes-button1The spontaneous jam sessions that close the weekly  Brooklyn Raga Massive are reaching epic proportions with established masters sitting in with young musicians from inside and outside the classical tradition.  Clearly we are in a Raga Renaissance  This latest one 6/11/2015 (last night!) features

Jessica Lurie (sax); Kane Mathis (oud), Hadar Noiberg (flutes), Jay Gandhi (bansuri), Subhen Chatterjee (vocal tabla bols),  Shivalik Ghoshal (tabla); Michael Gam (bass), Adam Maalouf (frame drum), Anirban Roy Chowdhury (vocal tabla bols),  Ken Shoji (violin) David Ellenbogen (guitar) Neel Murgai (frame Drum), Megumi (violin)