Kiran Ahluwalia’s 7 Billion – Podcast 266

We hang with the great Kiran Ahluwalia and she shares selections from her new album 7 Billion. Originaly broadcast live on WKCR 89.9 FM-NY.

Kiran Ahluwalia is a modern exponent of the great vocal traditions of India and Pakistan which she honors intensely yet departs from in masterful, personal ways. Her original compositions embody the essence of Indian music while embracing influences from Mali and Western blues, rock, R & B and nuances of jazz. With her 5-piece group of electric guitar, accordion, organ, tabla and drum kit, Ahluwalia creates boundary-breaking songs that invite us to explore the human condition, transcending the self by losing ourselves in a trance of groove and melody.

Ganavya – Podcast 265

We get to hang with the great vocalist Ganavya and hear some selections from her highly anticipated debut album.


Vocalist and composer Ganavya Doraiswamy has carved a niche for herself at the nexus of South Indian vocal styles and jazz/contemporary music. She has been featured on various projects, most notably Alfredo Rodriguez’s Tocororo (co-produced by Quincy Jones), which hit #1 on jazz charts. Ganavya’s own debut album, Aikyam: Onnu, is set to release in March 2017. It features jazz standards translated into her native language of Tamil as well as recontextualized abhang-s (spiritual poetry written by 13th- to 15th-century Maharashtrian saints). Aikyam –a term used in Sanskrit and Tamil, to denote ‘sameness,’ is suggestive of a harmonious union, and represents a conscious merging of her different worlds.

This podcast will broadcast live Sunday May 6 on WKCR 89.9 FM-NY at 7-9pm on 89.9 FM-NY and