Sameer Gupta’s Namaskar Ragas Live 14 Podcast 158




Sameer Gupta’s Namaskar, with Sameer Gupta: drumset, tabla – Arun Ramamurthy: violin – Rashaan Carter: violin – Neel Murgai, sitar and Jay Gandhi bansuri performed from 1pm-2pm for the Ragas Live Festival 2015.

Red Baraat Live! – Podcast #55


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Sunny Jain at WKCR - Photo by David Ellenbogen
Sunny Jain at WKCR – Photo by David Ellenbogen

To celebrate the release of their new album Shruggy Ji, (currently #1 on iTunes World Music Chart) NYC Rado Live is going back to the archives to share a 2009 live radio performance by Red Baraat. Red Baraat is the first and only dhol ‘n’ brass band of its kind in the States, melding the infectious North Indian rhythm Bhangra with brass funk and expressing the human spirit through improvisation and a powerful, live, raw sound.  Comprised of dhol (double-sided, barrel-shaped North Indian drum slung over one shoulder), percussion and horns, this NYC-based group plays fresh originals, as well as traditional Punjabi songs and Bollywood numbers with a modern touch.

Baraat is Hindi for a marriage procession.  In North India, it is a tradition on the day of the wedding for the groom to travel to his bride’s home on a magnificently decorated horse, surrounded by an entourage of family and friends.  Led by a dholi and/or a marching band, this joyous celebration naturally induces dancing and singing and is inseparable from the energy and excitement of the musical festivities.

Sunny Jain's famous Dhol at WKCR - Photo by David Ellenbogen
Sunny Jain’s famous Dhol at WKCR – Photo by David Ellenbogen

The line-up when we broadcast this show was:

Sunny Jain                        Dhol, drumset, percussion, vox
Rohin Khemani                   Tavil, percussion
Greg Gonzalez                   Drumset, percussion
Arun Luthra                       Soprano saxophone
Mike Bomwell                    Tenor saxophone
Sonny Singh                      Trumpet
MiWi La Lupa                    Bass trumpet
Dave Smith                      Trombone
John Altieri                       Sousaphone

Sonny Singh at WKCR - Photo by David Ellenbogen
Sonny Singh at WKCR – Photo by David Ellenbogen

Jeffery Kandel and David Ellenbogen  produced and engineered the original broadcast.