Randy Weston – Podcast 261

An intimate conversation with Randy Weston at his home in Brooklyn in 2010.  The master jazz musician tells tales of his times with Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Fela Kuti and countless legends.  Among many accomplishments, Mr. Weston is responsible for bringing gnawa music to a much larger audience, so we thought we’d share this interview before we host Innov Gnawa at a concert at the Mercy Home in Brooklyn this Wednesday.  Tickets for that concert 2/28/18 are available here on the airbnb platform


Simon Shaheen – Podcast 259

We get to hang at home with Simon Shaheen!  He performs live on the oud and shares a few live performances.  We also had an in-depth discussion about maqam and the history of Arabic Music.  Shaheen is one of the most significant Arab musicians, performers, and composers of his generation and his virtuosity extends to  Jazz and Western Classical styles.

Simon is performing in Brooklyn soon March 17, 2018 at Roulette.