Hadar Noiberg Trio Live – Podcast 175


itunes-button1To celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, From the Ground Up.    musical polymath Hadar Noiberg brought her trio to Continental Records, to record a special live set just for us!  This special podcast will also broadcast this week on the radio,  WKCR 89.9 FM-NY and stream www.wkcr.org at 11pm EST on November 8.

It was really exciting to have her bring in an all star band:

With Phil Duke at the controls, we recorded 4 songs with Hadar Noiberg (flutes), Allison Miller (drums)  and Haggai Cohen Milo, Double Bass.   We also hung out with Hadar as she shares some gems from wide and varied musical journeys.

Brooklyn Raga Massive Pays Tribute to the Coltrane Legacy – Podcast 173



Two weeks ago, on John Coltrane’s Birthday, Brooklyn Raga Massive performed a stunning tribute to the Coltrane Legacy. Recorded in front of a capacity crowd at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC Radio Live will share the concert in it’s entirety.  It will be broadcast on the radio at WKCR 89.9 at 7pm on October 11th.  Musical Director Sameer Gupta joins host David Ellenbogen for an on-air discussion of the relationship between the music of these two worlds.

The all-star ensemble includes:
Sameer Gupta – Drumset/Tabla (musical director),
Brandee Younger – Harp,
Jay Gandhi – Bansuri,
Arun Ramamurthy – Violin,
Pawan Benjamin – Sax,
Trina Basu – Violin,
Neel Murgai – Sitar,
Ben Tyree – Guitar,
Rashaan Carter – Bass
Michael Gam – Bass

Special Guests:

Roopa Mahadevan – Vocal

Pyeng Threadgill- vocal

Anupam Shobhakar – Sarod
Jessica Lurie – Sax
Ken Shoji- Violin
Dawoud Kringle – Dilruba
Giancarlo Luigi – Chekere and Percussion

Randy Weston Interview part 1 Podcast 172


One from the archives:  There was much talk about Randy Weston on the last few episodes about Gnawa music.  I thought I’d broadcast part 1 of an interview I did with him a few years back.  This was first broadcast as a podcast that I never really got going with.  If you haven’t checked him out, I hope this will inspire you to check out some albums or see him in concert.

Part 2 coming soon…we hung out and spoke for hours that day.


Offical Bio:

After contributing seven decades of musical direction and genius, Randy Weston remains one of the world’s foremost pianists and composers today, a true innovator and visionary.

Encompassing the vast rhythmic heritage of Africa,
his global creations musically continue to inform and inspire.
“Weston has the biggest sound of any jazz pianist since Ellington and Monk, as well as the richest most inventive beat,” states jazz critic Stanley Crouch, “but his art is more than projection and time; it’s the result of a studious and inspired intelligence…an intelligence that is creating a fresh synthesis of African elements with jazz technique”.

Max ZT, Ehren Hanson, Jay Gandhi and Arun Ramamurthy Live at the Rubin Museum of Art – Podcast 171


itunes-button111825764_10207139689121005_5406847925688576286_nIn our first collaboration with the stellar Rubin Museum of Art, we presented at sold out concert, an Evening with the Brooklyn Raga Massive.    It featured a first set of Dan Weiss and Sameer Gupta in a tabla duel followed by a second set of Max ZT, hammered dulcimer, Ehren Hanson, tabla, Jay Gandhi, bansuri and Arun Ramamurthy violin, plus a jam session/ party in the cafe afterwards.  Here’s the entire 2nd set.

Many thanks to Tim McHenry and the staff at the Rubin.   We’ll be back when over 15 members of the Brooklyn Raga Massive All-Stars perform  Terry Riley’s in C on August 28th.



Amir ElSaffar – Podcast 170


itunes-button1AMIR ElSaffar

 Amir ElSaffar brings his deep knowledge of Iraqui maqam to the context of jazz, creating a fresh, new, vibrant style of music.  The multi-instrumentalist (vocalist, trumpet player and dulcimer) joined me for an intimate, at home, interview.  He shares tracks from his stunning new album Crisis.

Gnawa Diffusion Live! Podcast 169


itunes-button1Recorded live at Lincoln Center,   Gnawa Diffusion are true rebel rockers who deftly slide from traditional Gnawa sounds to reggae, rock, dancehall and and million other styles.   The group’s leader and visionary is Amazigh Kateb who hails from  Algeria.  I was lucky to hang with Amazigh a few days later in Brooklyn, (along with Alexandre Tannous)  and record our discussion.

Thanks to Meera Dugal for setting up these last two great Gnawa Podcasts ! 

Innove Gnawa Live – Podcast 168


itunes-button1Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 5.30.27 PMThis podcast features a live in-studio, late night recording of InnoVe Gnawa. It sounds as good as anything I’ve recorded at WKCR thanks to the help of Phil Duke from Continental Recording Studio.

We had a blast hanging out and recording, and this lines up with a big free concert they’ll be playing this Thursday  at Lincoln Center, and the release of their new self titled album.


InnoVe Gnawa is a musical band made of artists from different parts of morocco all the way to NYC gathering to Keep this ancient healing Gnawa music.

InnoVe Gnawa is a gnawa band comprised of artists from different parts of Morocco. Led by master Maalem Hassan BenJaafer, InnoVe Gnawa celebrates this ancient spiritual music of North Africa in NYC with an innovative, hypnotic, and ecstatic take on this trance-inducing folk tradition. 



Sanghamitra Chatterjee (vocal) with Samir Chatterjee (tabla) and Tabla Duet – Samir Chatterjee and Tejas Tope Ragas Live Festival 2015 #22 Podcast 166


itunes-button1This set begins with  Sanghamitra Chatterjee (vocal) with Samir Chatterjee (tabla) and is then followed by a  Tabla Duet – Samir Chatterjee and Tejas Tope, which occurred from 9-10pm on the Ragas Live Festival 2015


Jay Gandhi and Yacouba Cissoko with Shiva Ghoshal and David Ellenbogen, Ragas Live Festival 2015 #19 Podcast 163



Jay Gandhi (bansuri) and Yacouba Cissoko (kora) bring their duo project accompanied by  Shivalik Ghoshal (tabla) and David Ellenbogen (guitar) from 6-7pm during the Ragas Live Festival 2015

Pradhanica and Taalim Tabla Duet: Mike Lukshis (tabla), Kaumil Shah (tabla) Ragas Live 2015 #18 Podcast 162


itunes-button1Pradhanica:Jin Won (Kathak), Mike Lukshis (tabla), Kaumil Shah (djembe), and Vincent Pierce (cajon); Taalim Tabla Duet: Mike Lukshis (tabla), Kaumil Shah (tabla) performed a smoking set from 5-6pm at the Ragas LIve Festival 2015


Chhandayan Tabla Ensemble, Aditya Phatak (tabla solo), Chhandayan Vocal Ensemble, Ragas Live Festival 2015 #17 Podcast 161



The Chaandayan Organization brought quite a few selections for this 4-5pm slot during Ragas Live 2015.  They began with their beginner Chhandayan Tabla Ensemble (Avinash Bose, Aditya Shinn, Rafi Hakim, Ronak Seth, Noelina Arciniegas, Kedar Gangopadhyay and Benjamin Stewart); Then there was a tabla solo from  Aditya Phatak; then the Chhandayan Vocal Ensemble (Roshni Basu, Shampa Chanda, Adwaitaa Goswami, Dibyakalyan Basu, Andrew Shantz, Harry Einhorn and Anand Prashad-tabla)